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Have fun.
Keep the drama out.
Invite your friends.
Any ideas or suggestions please bring them forward.
Herd leaders

Flora Flora "Barbasilicious" ***

Smiles Smiles "OriginalBest" Tickled Pink

Khaleesi Khaleesi "🐰"
skidvicious skidvicious "Jrods" Adored

Kathy Terry Kathy Terry "Rúnya"

Bren Bren "Dasher "

Cheryl Cheryl " Lioness " Purrrfect ^^

Deborama Deborama "Deborama" Loving my Friends

Alchera Alchera "NFS" Depressed

Kath Kath "Lady Luckღ"

Marykyut Marykyut "My Little Lady" 1 step at a time ˘‿˘

Amber Sue Amber Sue "Davids Butterfly" Have A Great Weekend! Friends:)

Michael Gulley Michael Gulley "Amber's Delight" Perplexed

Kate Kate "Bella ღ Cuore" * Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ *

Rachel Rachel "Queen Rach 👸" 29 and feelin’ fine 😘

Jill M M Jill M M "DancingღQueen"

Leah Leah "SEXY ASS NFS" Tired

Star Wonder Star Wonder "Best Pet Ever" Lethargic 😃 ^_^

--666-- --666-- "My Goddess"

-TA- -TA- "gra mo shaol " drifting away

Jared Davis Jared Davis "Bionic Man "
Darling Gina Darling Gina "Missing Misfit" Join my Herd?

Evie Evie "Evie Blue " POSITIVE

Knight Ryder Knight Ryder "my Sexy Wolfie" Wild

Ahgony Ahgony "~Demi-goddess~" I Bite

Ciara Ciara " Ciara"

Erin Bean Erin Bean Unwell

Lacey Lacey "My awesomesauce!" =^.^=

Kira Kira "My perfect sub" adore my Master

LaurieIOIO LaurieIOIO "Angel " Enjoy your weekend :)

Bere Bere "Evil Master" Working
Carol Carol "RIP Angel ❤NFS" Unwell
misses Doyle misses Doyle "Sapphire" Playful

Tyrra Tyrra "♥My Buddy NFS" Content

Devilish David Devilish David "Mi Devil <3" Come To Me 😈

Brujah CTG_This Is Sparta Brujah CTG_This Is Sparta "NFS! UniqueQ" ♥Bella Donna Summer Missy♥

Carmensita Carmensita "Mama Sita" ღ Happy to be back ღ

Bill Bill "ღMy Owlie" Sparkling

Milan Milan "My Happy Homie" D'OH

d0eee d0eee "★ 💋 ★" Skippy Doo Da
Tess Hamilton Tess Hamilton "Tess tastic" Cheeky
G    G "Half baked Dork" is a lazy couch potato

Jemima Stitch Jemima Stitch "Emerald Sista"

NirvInch NirvInch "La Casa De Papel" Tear me to pieces, Skin to bone

Cher Cher "My Devil Angel" Loyal

Mario Mario "My Mario" Ferocious

Angel of Sin Angel of Sin "Soul Searcher" Like a moth to a Flame

Emilia Emilia "StarDust" All the Stars ❤ ツ

Shaded Serenity Shaded Serenity "Saintly❤Sinner"

fluffyunicorn fluffyunicorn glittertasti c
LoZ LoZ Annoyed

Sheryl Sheryl "♥MY Honey Baby" .•*¨`*• ✿♥♥✿ •*¨
Theo Theo "The One" Essential is invisible

Bonnie Black Bonnie Black "Miss B"

Itchy Feet Itchy Feet "MissingKisses" Inspired

Theresa Theresa " CandySweet " Thankful :)

tara leigh angel tara leigh angel "♥ My Angel ♥" Content

Angel  Minion Angel Minion "Sweet Angel"
CLC CLC "Twin Cheeks" Forεvεя ℭhεεky!! !

Bonnie Black Bonnie Black "Gone :(" Bye Bye Hp

Megan Megan "butterfly" Content

Jackie Girl Jackie Girl "chaperon rouge" Playful

Candace R Candace R "Jrods " Surprised
Unknown Unknown

P x P x "Mizz P" Busy Busier Busiest

Andy S Andy S "Andy" Sexy

Ally Ally "My Care Bear" Happy ❤

Lily ann Rose Lily ann Rose "Ecchi One" Curious

Trina Trina "David's Lil One"