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The Playpen 60/4 | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: The Playpen 60/4
Led by Kira | 37 members

Welcome to the happy medium thumbing herd for all those who find 30 to be a bit inadequate, but don’t always have the time for hundreds. For every success story there is always a recipe – please follow it carefully and let’s love spreading the love :)







    • A scoop of concentration
    • A dash of speed
    • A pinch of patience
    • A cup of courtesy
    • A bucket of love
    • 60 wiggles of your choice
    • A number of nimble fingers, as many as you need

    • Add courtesy, concentration, love and patience together and mix well.
    • Post 60 lines (4 pages) of wiggles with nimble fingers.
    • Thumb all other wiggles on all the other pages to the end.
    • Delete everyone on 4 and notify them accordingly.
    • Post a note in the C/N topic to confirm who you have notified and who is on 3.
    • Leave with a smile and come back soon.


Herd leaders

Kira Kira "My good girl ❤" ❤ adore my Master ❤

Cheryl Cheryl " Lioness " Lioness Love
chris b chris b "Corvette " adventurous

Alchera Alchera "NFS" No comment

Devon Devon Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams

Cheeky Barstard Cheeky Barstard Cheeky

Cat Cat "CatK" Tired

Dave Purcell Dave Purcell "ღ My King Dong" Cancer slows me down on HP

Louise Louise "Time Gem 💎 " Trusting

Adeline MoonLight Adeline MoonLight "G's Delight" Surprised

Marykyut Marykyut "My Little Lady" 1 step at a time ˘‿˘

Porter Porter "My Porter" Playful

Lindsay Lindsay "Linds NFS" Frisky

Ertugrula Ertugrula "®" Wild

Ayla Tatsu Ayla Tatsu "♥ My Lady ♥" ღ Wishing for you ღ

Amber Sue Amber Sue "Davids Butterfly" Happy week dear friends :)

Flora Flora "Bel Fiore" Chances are 😁

C-J C-J "wonderfull" pleased as punch :)

Kate Kate "Bella ღ Cuore" * Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ *

Bok Inator Bok Inator "ℳy ★" Sparkling

Rachel M Rachel M "Little Sunshine" ✼ Sick of snow ✼

Jill M M Jill M M "DancingღQueen"

assassin assassin "My Scotty" The assassin

Star Wonder Star Wonder "Best Pet Ever" Animated 😃 🥰🤪

Fawzy Fawzy "FawzyBear" back in 24 hours or so
Monk Monk

Jari G Jari G "My sweetheart " Loyal

Ahgony Ahgony "Nfs" I Bite

themistoklis themistoklis "♥ SweetHeart " Inspired

Oggle Bugga Oggle Bugga "Perfect Primate" ۞ ॐ ۞

Martin Sionnach Martin Sionnach "mo sionnach" irritable and restless

Angel Kisses Angel Kisses "Beautiful " Simmer down and pucker up

Jen Jen "My Love <3" 🌸♥ 🦌 ♥🌸
misses Doyle misses Doyle "שפירא" Playful

Tyrra Tyrra "♥My Buddy NFS" Content
Luciano Luciano "Mine mine mine" Thirsty

Brujah CTG_This Is Sparta Brujah CTG_This Is Sparta "NFS! UniqueQ" ♥Bella Donna Summer Missy♥

Carmensita Carmensita "mi princesa"

Milan Milan "My Happy Homie" D'OH
Tess Hamilton Tess Hamilton "Tess tastic" Cheeky

wildfire wildfire "WILDFIRE" Loyal

Emilia Emilia "StarDust"

Grant Guyer Grant Guyer "LANCELOT" Loyal

Cazzzzz Cazzzzz Curious

King King "my sweetheart❤" I Am Free Soul :)@@@

drvskrtbk drvskrtbk "incumming!!" Curious

Ms Mariyet Ms Mariyet "Soundy" Carefree

joe true joe true Content

Nataly Nataly "My One&Only " ~ ❤️ ~

Foz Foz "The Foz" Wolfy

Sheryl Sheryl "♥MY Honey Baby" I'm so happy with you

tara leigh angel tara leigh angel "♥ My Angel ♥" Content
CLC CLC "Twin Cheeks" Forεvεя ℭhεεky!! !

Darkest Devotion Darkest Devotion "My devoted girl " DLG ❤️

Trina Trina "❤️" 💕