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The Pink Panther 160/x | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: The Pink Panther 160/x
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  1. New Members
    1. Welcome to the Pink Panther,
      and thank you for joining.
    2. Please read the rules carefully -
      if anything is unclear, do not hesitate to ask!
    3. To get started, post your first set:
      • Create a new topic for yourself.
      • Post 160 replies (20 pages) in your topic.
      • Thumb all the other topics.
    4. After your first set, follow the rules below.
  2. Thumbing
    1. Thumb all the posts in all the topics
      Please, no selective thumbing!
    2. Important: Leave a marker in each topic you have thumbed, with the level the thumb counter is at. This is your proof that you have thumbed that set.
    3. When the topic's thumb counter reaches 3,
      also post a comment in the Comments section.
      This serves as notification that
      the owner of that topic may post a new set.
  3. Posting
    1. A set is mature when the
      thumb counter reaches 3.
    2. Only one set per member at a time is allowed.
      • Delete the entire topic
      • Important: Refresh the Topics to update the display.
      • Create a new topic.
      • Post 160 replies (20 pages).
    3. You may delete the topic at any point
      after it has matured. This means that your set may receive more than 3 thumbs, depending on the number of active herd members:-
      "Fast points vs. Last points".
  4. General
    1. Be polite and patient. Things can get hectic, accidents may happen.
    2. Participate in the chat,
      be part of the community.
    3. Stay active.
      Sets of members who have been inactive for two weeks or longer will be deleted to minimize clutter.
Herd leaders
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