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Herd Profile: Short and Sweet
Led by _Laurie_IOIO_ | 78 members

-------->This herd is now a 15/3 Herd<-------- Simply thumb all to 3 - clear and notify please and then leave your 15 to be thumbed - - - Thank you ever so much to everybody who joins / thumbs - :) - - - **PLEASE NOTE** PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY REQUESTS TO JOIN THE HERD - I PREFER TO HANDLE EACH REQUEST MYSELF - THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION
Herd leaders
_Laurie_IOIO_ _Laurie_IOIO_ "💗💗💗" 💕Have a great week. 🙂

Kathy Terry Kathy Terry "Rúnya"

the big bad wolf the big bad wolf "BigBad& Cute" Big ‘n bad

Kath Kath "Lady Luckღ"

Marykyut Marykyut "My Little Lady" Appreciate every moment

Mike Haswell Mike Haswell "Moreish Mike" ......

Gary Gary "Free Bird" Wild

Amber Sue Amber Sue "Sweet Butterfly" Happy week dear friends :)

Bok Inator Bok Inator "Risqué" Discombobula ted

Jill M M Jill M M "Dancing Queen" Content

Susan Elliott Susan Elliott "'Ceridwen'" Courageous
Monk Monk "Amity"

Dragon Queen Dragon Queen "Dragon Heart" Playful

Just M Just M ✰✿◠‿ ◠ ✿✰


- XX - - XX - "Sherri " Peaceful

Angel Kisses Angel Kisses "Beautiful " Simmer down and pucker up

Mero Mero " *Mr introvert*"

Cricky Cricky "My puppies "

Tyrra Tyrra "♥My Buddy NFS" Content

Carmensita Carmensita "MyPrincess NFS-" Inspired
Roger Miller Roger Miller "Smooth Operator" Naughty
Tess Hamilton-Miller Tess Hamilton-Miller "Tess tastic" Content
Orpheus Orpheus "Eros" Feisty

Cher Cher "MY DEVIL ANGEL" Loyal

Emilia Emilia "☆ V@cκεR"

Nataly Nataly "My One&Only "

little feisty kitten little feisty kitten "Saintly❤Sinner" Purring

tara leigh angel tara leigh angel "♥ My Angel ♥" Content

Darkest Devotion Darkest Devotion "My devoted girl" Cherished $ Adored 🖤

Jan Jan "Caireen" Serene
Lilith Lilith "Nizhoni " Sin with me ❤️

Sarah Sarah "Sweet Sunshine" Nice
Vanessa Vanessa "Makoto" Confused