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Raul Mikael
Raul Mikael
"My Prince"

Raul Mikael, 44/Male
Last login: over 3 weeks ago
Local time:1:57 AM
Join date:14 years, 2 months, 17 days ago
Location: Putrajaya Malaysia

About me:
I'm The Lotus Eater.
About you:
Looking for: Friendship and dating
Orientation: Straight
Herds (lead): °° Harlequin Forest °°
Herds: ÇÖvëñ ÖF ÐâRKÑÊ$§, DARKLIGHT, Welcome to Human Pets, Newbies helping Newbies, THE SWARM, ¤¤¤ROBOT ® SWARM¤¤¤, ~°° PLANET♥HP °°~, the IMMORTAL SOULS of underworld

"Gothic Princess"
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Raul's tales
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Raul Mikael
~ Hunting You ~

I walk through the forest
Beneath the cold frozen mist
Embraced by the chill
My body felt the harshness of your will
Your soul echoes through the leaves
Welcoming the courage of my steps..
It is night or day the difference I cannot feel
For the presence of your soul shadowing my heel
The darkness prevail each and every sight
Leaving me with resemblance of a dim light..
In search of the lost time
Within the space of eternity..
Do you know I crave the softness of your untouched skin?
And longed for your unheard voice..
All I have was the memory of a dream
That was haunting my sleepless mind..
You promised me the fateful moment
In this forest of torment..
Here I am hunting your presence
In reality that was never told of..
Here I am chasing your warmth
In return it was only hope..

++ Raul Mikael ++
Raul Mikael "My Prince" Passionate - 13 years, 11 months, 8 days ago
Raul Mikael
My eyelids are heavy. I felt the calmness as the rain song swaying its melody of peace on this cold afternoon..
As i lay on my side staring bleak at my window..the chill fanning itself on my skin..slowly blowing the sanity of my mind..towards unconsciousness..
Laying down here and my thoughs and mind travel wildly yet vivid to answers that was given without the question..
I am but a shadow..lurkes into her life. I am without a feeling..but passion and lust lies to the unknown..
I am a beast..whom the very soul begs for the heart of her mercy..
The rain has stopped..but the melody is still swaying in my mind..
Do i need to get out of this lost thoughts..or let myself drift in this dream of meneangless piece of subconscious mind.. ?

Raul Mikael "My Prince" Passionate - 13 years, 11 months, 23 days ago
Raul Mikael
~ When ~

Red sun rising somewhere through the dense fog.
The portrait of the jaded dawn
Who had seen it all before.
This day wept on my shoulders.

Still the same as yesterday.
This path seems endless, body is numb.
The soul has lost its flame.
Walking in familiar traces to find my way back home.

So there I was.
Within the sobriety of the immortals.
A semblance of supernatural winds passing through,
The garden sighs, flowers die.

The gate was closed that day,
But I was bound to carry on.
She could not see me through the windows.
In dismay, strangest twist upon her lips.

Graven face, she said my name.
Once inside I heard whispers in the parlour.
The gilded faces grin, aware of my final demise.
And I cried, I knew she had lied.

Her obsession had died, it had died.
When can I take you from this place?
When is the word but a sigh?
When is death our lone beholder?

When do we walk the final steps?
When can we scream instead of whisper?
When is the new beginning, the end of this sad Madrigal.

Raul Mikael "My Prince" Passionate - 14 years, 29 days ago
Raul Mikael

Raul Mikael "My Prince" Passionate - 14 years, 1 month, 13 days ago
Raul Mikael
it is difficult to come online these days.
for there are many work to settle
Raul Mikael "My Prince" Passionate - 14 years, 1 month, 13 days ago
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Kathleen "Inwë Anwamanë" Tender - 13 years, 8 months, 4 days ago
- ZOMBiE -
☠ ƵǾMbįέ ☠ Post #45

just SAYiNG hello !i!
- ZOMBiE - "Me's ƵǾMb!€" � ₣uÇk yŐu (•̪●) - 13 years, 10 months, 3 days ago
Missing you!
i MiSs YoU !!! You have been given i MiSs YoU !!! .
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Unknown "My Lady Kathleen" Feisty - 13 years, 10 months, 3 days ago
I will miss you.
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Kathleen "Inwë Anwamanë" Tender - 13 years, 10 months, 17 days ago
A present for you, but be...
You have been given Careful he has the hiccups.
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Kathleen "Inwë Anwamanë" Tender - 13 years, 10 months, 17 days ago
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