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Herd Profile: Welcome to Human Pets
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For help, advice, assistance & guidance. Find your way around, find out what does what and why and generally ask questions and have them answered (hopefully).

* Please note: this is not a spamming herd, I have designed this herd because over the past few months I have been asked various questions about HP and thought there ought to be an advice and assistance herd for this purpose. I also enlisted the help of other HP members who have been members for longer than myself and the advice I have received is invaluable.

For those people who have contributed to my own awareness and knowledge of HP, I grant an admin role to, please ensure that you use this title wisely.

Any member who shows a willingness to help others may be granted a Herd Leader title. This is simply to show others that you are a respected title. At this moment in time I have no idea how many Herd Leaders can be assigned to one herd so if I run out of available spaces I will have to consider this when the time comes. Perhaps I will place a link to your profiles in this description space to show respect to you and let newbies know that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Newbies, please accept the Admin title of members as those people who you can trust and obtain honest information from.

* Note: any person found spamming or messaging unnecessarily, you will be banned from the herd without warning by either myself or any authorised admin member (Herd Leader).

* Admin Members: Please take this role seriously and honestly and treat members fairly and with respect. Please do not take advantage of your position.

This herd is for advice, assistance, tips, problems, etc., only (especially newcomers) and no nonsense will be tolerated.

Thank you for your co-operation.


I have made Herd Discussions from the main points of topics as the herd is becoming quite busy. Please feel free to communicate via this facility also.
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