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Kim Fourie
"Kim Kudles"

Kim Fourie, 51/Female
Last login: 13 minutes ago
Local time:8:36 AM
Join date:27 days ago
Location: United Kingdom

"Kitty cat looking for the purrfect lap to curl up on 😍"
About me:
I love being free like a cat. I'm playful and love being able to climb trees, and run and hide in the long grass. My perfect place though is curled up on someone's lap being loved 😍
About you:
I would love to meet someone not scared of depth and vulnerability. Someone that embraces both their light aswell as their darkness. There's a side of me I've always kept well hidden, I'm now ready to explore it. Looking forward to new friendships, possible dates and fun adventures 😍
Looking for: Friendship and dating
Orientation: Bi
Herds: Newbies helping Newbies, BIRTHDAY HERD, Human Pets Site Information Herd
"Generous Spirit "
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Kim's tales
Sending out happy vibes to all!
Currently experiencing sensory overload and need time to re energise. Sorry for delays in replying to all the messages. Thankyou to everyone for all the love and kindness I've received since recently joining, I'm enjoying being here! 😍

Kim Fourie "Kim Kudles" Purring - 14 days ago

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