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Amber Sue
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Lily ann Rose
Lily ann Rose

Lily ann Rose, 24/Female
Last login: within 2 weeks
Local time:6:14 AM
Join date:9 days ago
Location: United States

About me:
Happily engaged to my boyfriend, Lance. I had to create a new account here my other account was deactivated. Please do not steal me from Amber Sue, I prefer to be her pet. Life is hard right now but we are living it.
About you:
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Straight
Herds: **Cherry Poppers 30/5, Butterfly Kisses 30/5, Fabulous 15/5 💋
Lily's tales
Lily ann Rose
Hello everyone! I am back part of the time. Life is hard right now as I have moved out on my own. I had to create a new account as my other account had been deactivated. When I tried to log into it they said my account does not exist. So here I am again. I would like to stay with Amber Sue for now, I may not be here often but will soon have a new computer and finally have internet again. Hope all is going well.
Lily ann Rose - 9 days ago

Welcome back...
You are Cute as a bunny! You have been given You are Cute as a bunny!.
Crafted by Breaking Finite
Malaysian Tickle Master - Andre "Sensual Tickler" סּ ... Croatia lost 😕 - 6 days ago

welcome back :)
Charles "🔥🔥Husband" - 6 days ago

Dropping some love You have been given Dropping some love.
Crafted by Butterfly
Simplyrain "Purple rain" Protected - 7 days ago
SAW Esquire
Welcome back 👍🏾
SAW Esquire "Bright☆Balance" Loving you gorgeous ❤️ - 9 days ago
Welcome back and enjoy it.
Every flower has a story You have been given Every flower has a story.
Crafted by Stormy Manzarini
Stormy Manzarini "Dream Weaver" Yellow - 9 days ago
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