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I was in this site just because of my friends, and some auctions... Never thought to leave it,but now must do it... Every time when I decide to go to some page, this site log out me,so for visiting every page, I must log again... I even cannot give one thumbs... And cannot understand where is the reason, and cannot solve it :( I'll miss all my friends here but I hope that will have contact in Facebook. Special thanks to my owner Sid, Amy & John, Rachel, Angela Carter, Vielka, Jan, all from Dashn Fashn herd, and all others that were friendly to me, and helped me by one or other way. Amy, Vielka and Jan, big hugs!!! And big thanks for all!!! I'll miss you a lot. Maybe in future I'll back, who knows.

-S- I'll miss you all - 12 years, 11 months ago
Never say i love you, if you don't really care.
Never talk about feelings, if they aren't really there.
Never touch a life, if you mean to break a heart.
Never say you're going to, if you don't plan to start.
Never look me in they eye, when all you do is lie.
Never say hello, if you really mean good-bye.
-S- I'll miss you all - 12 years, 11 months, 11 days ago
Трудно е да очакваш нещо, което знаеш, че няма да се случи , но още по-трудно е да се откажеш, когато знаеш, че това е всичко,което искаш…
-S- I'll miss you all - 13 years, 1 month, 24 days ago
Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you have been trying to be strong for too long. Put this on your page if you know someone who has or has had depression. Will you do it, and leave it on your status for at least an hour? Most people won't, but it's mental health week and 1 in 3 of us will suffer at some point in our lives. ♥
-S- I'll miss you all - 13 years, 4 months, 12 days ago
This night I wanna tell you how much I'm sorry that I met you... I have only one wish...believe me,only one wish!!! Only you to feel as I'm feeling now... Only I to be alive to see that!!! To see how you are alone... to go but to don't have to who you'll be back... When every song makes you cry, then you'll understand how I'm feeling at this moment!!!
-S- I'll miss you all - 13 years, 7 months, 16 days ago
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grace andrew

by grace

Dearest one, My name is grace,

I am very happy to view your profile here today,

as I'm interested in knowing you.

reply me through my private email address at

( )

so that i can write you and send you my picture. Yours truly grace

write direct to my email ok

dont write at the site okeer
grace andrew "FreshNew Grace!" - 10 years, 1 month, 22 days ago
Denise Rose

Sending You Valentines Love ♥ You have been given Sending You Valentines Love ♥.
Crafted by Denise Rose
Denise Rose "Snowbird 🌹" Content - 11 years, 4 months, 9 days ago
Thoufeeq Bansal

~Happy 2012!!~ You have been given ~Happy 2012!!~.
Crafted by Thoufeeq Bansal
Thoufeeq Bansal "MINE Khal Drogo!" Sale in My Shop!!TEz's !! - 12 years, 5 months, 24 days ago
SCHAR DAILEY ORGASMIC FLING!! - 12 years, 9 months ago
Beautiful ... inside and out You have been given Beautiful ... inside and out.
Crafted by Kira
Jack "💔 RIP Jack " LiTtLe DeViL - 12 years, 10 months, 15 days ago
Thoufeeq Bansal

Hi! How Are You? You have been given Hi! How Are You?.
Crafted by Justin Bieber
Thoufeeq Bansal "MINE Khal Drogo!" Sale in My Shop!!TEz's !! - 12 years, 10 months, 19 days ago
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