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Hugh Manpet
Hugh Manpet owns this human at 5000 points.


Hugh Manpet
""My Manpet-NFS"

Hugh Manpet, 54/Male
Last login: over 3 weeks ago
Local time:1:04 PM
Join date:16 years, 6 months, 9 days ago
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

"A pet like no other!!! :)"
About me:
I'm wild, free, and I'll let you figure out the rest :)
About you:
As long as you don't play games and treat me the way you expect to be treated, we'll be fine :)
Looking for: Friendship and dating
Orientation: Straight
Herds (lead): Hugh's Human Pet Herd
Herds: Darling's 15/5 thumbing Co-op, hOt dOtz SWARM 5/10 >>>>>, ginger's thumbing herd 30/5, Bill's Big Bites, Rash quick 15/5, Fate/Stay Night 5/5, ♥ Honeycomb ♥ 15/5 Herd ♥, Shadow of Darkness 5/10 Herd, The Great White North - 10/10, Pixie Haven
Hugh Manpet
Hugh Manpet
""My Manpet-NFS"
5000 pts

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Just wanted you to know ur not forgotten, been away for awhile but back now ;)
Leaving a comment for You ツ You have been given Leaving a comment for You ツ.
Crafted by mee
Avalawolfe "Babydoll" Playful - 13 years, 8 months, 26 days ago
Jari G

HaPPy Easter SpinTurn Member ツ You have been given HaPPy Easter SpinTurn Member ツ.
Crafted by Jari G
Jari G "My sweetheart " Loyal - 14 years, 2 months, 1 day ago
Amber Sue
time to ride...
Boarding Pass™ You have been given Boarding Pass™.
Crafted by Tee
Amber Sue "Sweet Butterfly" Happy week dear friends :) - 14 years, 2 months, 23 days ago

Boarding Pass™ You have been given Boarding Pass™.
Crafted by Tee
fullmoon "דפשמוד" - 14 years, 2 months, 27 days ago

Precious You have been given Precious.
Crafted by Vamptress
Avalawolfe "Babydoll" Playful - 14 years, 3 months, 29 days ago

You've Been Licked You have been given You've Been Licked.
Crafted by Faith
Avalawolfe "Babydoll" Playful - 14 years, 4 months, 17 days ago
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