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"Dirty Lil Secret"

Jeffiner , 33/Female
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""Love is not what those fucking poets want you to believe. Love has teeth, teeth bite, bites never heal." "
About me:
I am an art and design major. I live and breath art. It is one of my passions in live along with music. Without each of them I would not be the person I am today. I don't really know what i would be doing if i didn't have my art. I would just be some normal person walking through life just waiting for tomorrow to come. I am in love with some people here. Most of the people here are for other people and I can not be bothered. Likes:puddles, wild violets, food, music, paint, my friends and family, old books, antiques, cars especially American muscle cars, etc. Dislikes: fake people, close mindedness, cold eggs, not feeling loved by people I care about, people not listening, etc. Ask me what you want.
About you:
I have already met some pretty rad people on here. Some more than others. You know who you are.
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Bi
Herds (lead): Kittiffer
Herds: Nerds are Sexy, *Bi and Lesbian Girls*, Suicide Girls, Bi-Les Girls <no guys>, Have you herd?, Girls wanna play ? xx, ODST's thumbs, HP's BEST EYES CONTEST, How Much Naughty you are, MetalHeads, Whores are Dead.
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I had the strangest dream last night, involving an Hp'er that have talked to for a very long time. We have talked about a lot of things and he knows plenty about me.


I was in a train station or what looked to be a train station. I was talking to this guy on skype and I tell him where I am and all of sudden he says wait a minute and vanishes off cam. I was left sitting there just thinking where did he go. Then all of a sudden I hear someone coming up the stairs in front of me and its him.

He sees me and just looks at me with this huge smile and motions me to come to him and I get to him and he wraps his arms around me, around my shoulders because I am so short and he is rather tall, and just kisses me on the top of my head and I look up at him and he just says "finally".

It was the strangest thing ever. It will never happen of course. It was just odd and I had to share.
Jeffiner "Dirty Lil Secret" Naughty - 12 years, 1 day ago

Jeffiner "Dirty Lil Secret" Naughty - 12 years, 5 days ago
I went to New York City today for the first time. From the moment I stepped off the bus I was in love. I fell in love with the city that was before me. She was so gorgeous it almost took my breath away. Although, It did feel like just a dream. Like I was not actually there, just imagining it. It was one of those moments where I stared at the wonders of the city and could not believe I was standing in New York City, some where I thought I would only see in movies or on the television at New Years eve. But I was not dreaming. It was real. I fell in love with her.

New York City, we shall meet again.

Farewell for now.

With love, Jen.
Jeffiner "Dirty Lil Secret" Naughty - 12 years, 2 months, 28 days ago

Jeffiner "Dirty Lil Secret" Naughty - 12 years, 3 months, 1 day ago
You didnt need to cut me off....

Jeffiner "Dirty Lil Secret" Naughty - 12 years, 3 months, 6 days ago
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