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HP's Best Eyes contest 2011!!! We're back for our second year.

This is a contest to see who has the most stunning, piercing, endearing eyes on HP!

To enter
buy an entry token from my page, post it in the topic for entries, and then post up to 4 pictures in the herd.

From there, I'll make you a topic where people can post their votes for you.

How to vote
Go to my page (, and buy a voting token from my shop.

Then, place the voting token under the topic titled the name of the entrant you wish to vote for.

Prize pool system
Every entrant will receive 20 000 points, regardless of how many votes they get. First place will get 50% of the prize pool, Second place will get 30% of the prize pool, and third will get 10% of the prize pool.


1. No drama.
2. No one can vote for themselves.
3. You can vote for any contestant apart from yourself, and you can vote as much as you'd like.
4. You can obtain votes however you can.<
Herd leaders

Lacey Lacey "no longer active" =^.^=