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This herd is PRIVATE. Mostly to keep stalkers away. If you want in, message me and tell me a bit about why you want in, I'll evaluate you and decide. If I don't let you in, don't take it personally. A herd where Master's and Mistreses' can dominate submissive slaves. This herd is strictly roleplay... not idle conversation. All slaves must put [sub] before every message they make. If you are a switch and have both slaves and Master/Mistress then you will put [switch - sub] or [switch - dom] according to what role you are playing at that moment. Dom/dommes don't have to put anything when posting. Slaves must address all Mistresses and Masters as Beautiful/Handsome Ones and bow or kneel to them, unless it is your own Master/Mistress and in that case you address them by what they have instructed you to call them. You will do whatever the Beautiful Ones ask of you, unless it is against your Mistress/Master's rules/contract. THIS HERD IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. If I suspect that you are under 18, then I will interrogate you. I reserve the right to ban whomever I wish. You will call me Most Beautiful One. PS: Subs will thumb Mistress'/Masters' pages/thumb herds, bid on auctions, and give them gifts regularly without being told.
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