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Herd Profile: Mistresses and Their Slave Girls
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READ THE RULES. IT'S IMPORTANT!! This herd is for GIRLS ONLY. It's a BDSM herd where the slaves worship the Mistresses of the herd. When posting as a slave you must put [sub] so everyone will know if you are a submissive slave. Mistresses can post normally. You can very well switch as often as you want though. ;) Slaves must address all doms as Beautiful One and they must bow low to the ground. If someone in the herd owns you, they are automatically your Mistress. If you don't have a Mistress, message me and I can assign you one, if there are some available. Same with the Mistresses... those you own as pets are your slaves and you can message me if you would like one appointed to you instead. Slaves must do anything the Beautiful Ones ask, especially if the person is your Mistress.
Herd leaders

Unknown Unknown "The Goddess" Evasive