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Herd Profile: Thumb Monsters
Led by Burcu Ural | 64 members

This is a simple 50/5 herd that most of you know how it works. Rules are simple :) 1- Place your t/p marker when you come in. 2- Thumb the whole herd 3- Clear and notify the set which you turn to 5's. 4- Also note in C/N topic who you notified and who is @4's. 5- Post your own set. I guess that's all for now. :) Well it's time to find herd members. Please feel free to invite your friends. Enjoy and happy thumbing. :)
Herd leaders

Burcu Ural Burcu Ural "Actress" ♥•.¸♥ Like a FaiRy ♥•

Plus 10 BBQ Sauce Plus 10 BBQ Sauce "saucy wench" Tired

Wayne Nauss Wayne Nauss "1 Hot Ride"


Adeline MoonLight Adeline MoonLight "G's Delight" Surprised

Crystal Crystal "Red" Seductive

Lindsay Lindsay "Linds NFS" Frisky

Jaco Van Der Merwe Jaco Van Der Merwe "Bacchus" Cheeky

Wendy Fraser Wendy Fraser "BUTTERCUP" Serene

Andrew Andrew "keeping safe " Sparkling

gone gone

jennifer jennifer

Wael Wael "Mr Grande Prix" Curious

Divine Divine "Boertjie" Playful

Sara Lee Sara Lee "♥Sara♥ NFS" Wild

Bruce Bruce "RazamaTaz" ~?~

Whisper Softly Whisper Softly "tomboy's *candy" ღfreedom

David the Gun-Toting Sidekick David the Gun-Toting Sidekick "~Tink'sToy~ NFS" Vote for ME in Writing Contest!

Paul S Paul S "Wolfalisious" Maintaining

Houdini Houdini "ELECTRIFIED 5" Pondering

Anya Anya hurt

Dragon Queen Dragon Queen "Dragon Heart" Playful

Mz Spanky Mz Spanky ~♥~off to Zzzzzz land~♥~

Jaycee Leigh Jaycee Leigh "My PerhapS♥" Ƀ♥Ⱦçh


Midnight Midnight "My Butterfly ❣" ...

Vinsanity Vinsanity "Mind Magic" Lonely

Martin Sionnach Martin Sionnach "Naughty sionnach" indecisive

Luke Luke "Sky walker Smurf" Confused

S a r a h  Gaikezheyongai S a r a h Gaikezheyongai Playful

EagLe Hearted EagLe Hearted "Eagle" Playful
Tony C Tony C "Tony" kneeling before Ownie

misbehavin misbehavin "Princess Ruth" ღ☼hmmm percolating

fullmoon fullmoon "דפשמוד"

Christian Ocegueda Christian Ocegueda "my christian♥" Feisty

DraGoN DraGoN "dragon"

Christos Christos "lover" Tired
Annie Annie "Missed" Hopeless

trippajusdied trippajusdied "FussyPunk" Abused

M D M D "mike" No owner..

Rod Rod "Sweet guy" Content
Katy Dee Katy Dee "Refined Beauty" Sparkling

Andy Andy "Frisky Andy" Crazy

George George
Jack Arnado Jack Arnado "Hot to Trot" Wild

J A X J A X "My FLUFFY Bunny"

RamyMood RamyMood Sparkling

Edge Edge "Nikan"
Renato Renato "magic whisperer" Carefree

Kaitlin McD Kaitlin McD "Snatch Storm" Sleepy

Iva Iva Serene

EmoLinE EmoLinE "pigjee" Loving

Lily Hawthorne Lily Hawthorne "Lily" Content

Shaun Shaun "Smiling Eyes " Away for a few days.

KJM KJM "Mr Smiley" Crazy

A d y A d y "~ Ady ~" Sparkling

Gavin Mansfield Gavin Mansfield "Kitty's Grr" Energized!

Jack Jack Jacky Jack Jack Jacky "Jacky ♥♥♥" chilled

Mr Bond Mr Bond Protective

Devilish Angel Devilish Angel "Wings" Angelic Devil

malazar malazar Surprised

Ben Razz Ben Razz "few & far" Intrigued

Alice In WonderLand Alice In WonderLand "placeholder" Seductive

Icey Arse Icey Arse "My fancy icing x" Calm
Graham Graham "woop woop" Calm

Madam Butterfly Madam Butterfly "Madam Beautiful" Please sign my guestbook

Katya Boronova Katya Boronova Wild

Gibson Gibson "guitar" Ferocious
Gibson Gibson "Nanook" Growling

Angelo Angelo "MYNE OnyxKing" Cheeky