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Herd Profile: Common Bonds
Led by Steven | 112 members

From every walk of life
And all corners of the earth,
We joined Human Pets
And new friendships did birth.
We play and we chat.
We message and pet.
But something was missing.
We needed more yet.
Express was some fun;
The herds were all fine,
I had my favorites
But none I called mine.
My owner’s quite sweet
And with our friends in mind
He formed a new herd
Where common bonds would bind.
Some new friends we’ve met
As we check everyday
And join in the fun
As our friends chat and play.
Some changes have happened
And no drama’s allowed!
And if you’ve got a sexy pic,
It will please THIS crowd.
Naughty truths and dares
And embarrassing ones too,
Or a simple good morning
And, “How do you do?”
So if you’re a friendly
(Perhaps naughty HP’er)
You simply must join
And come chat with us here.
Our eclectic collection
Of weirdos and Freeks
Are full of frivolous fun
And tongue in cheeks!
I adore each member
And my owner does too…
We thank-you for joining,
We thank-you for being YOU!!!
Herd leaders

Steven Steven "The Llama King" Content

Brittany Brittany "My Britty Kitty" Hugs for all

Mike Haswell Mike Haswell "Moreish Mike" ......

-TA- -TA- "-TA-" Serene

Cheyenne Cheyenne "♥Chy♥" ♡ Unsupervised ღ