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Shadow of Darkness 5/10 Herd | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: Shadow of Darkness 5/10 Herd
Led by Lycan | 8 members

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Herd leaders

Lycan Lycan "~Lycan" I HAVE QUIT HP!!!!

Lois Ann Thomson Lois Ann Thomson "Princess Skye" Serene

Hugh Manpet Hugh Manpet ""My Manpet-NFS" Ecstatic

Moon Child Moon Child "Missed!" dIVINE AND WICKED

Sonia Sonia "Angel Eyes" Sad

Clivey Bear Clivey Bear "~Mr Bear~" ~Loving Ma Meme very Much~

MaLuA MaLuA "tifosi"

Hanuman Gupta Hanuman Gupta "Playboy" Sparkling