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Place your t/p marker, then thumb all who have posted before you. When you reach the end clear everyone who already reached 5 and then clear and notify them. In herd discussion post who you c/n and who is at 4. By posting who was at 4, it will help the person after you in case something happens where they forgot who they cleared. After you've done this, post your set of 50, which includes your t/p marker, and let's have some fun getting extra points with all our friends :)

Also, if anyone is maxxed, please clear and notify them as well ;)

As for the lottery, it will always take place on the 15th of the month and the end of the month after reset on those days. Chips can be bought up until reset, otherwise they go towards the next lottery. Remember to get your chips at my profile, just click on my name. Then place them in the lottery section in Herd Discussion :) 1st place 75%, 2nd place 15%, 3rd place 10%

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Bill vB Bill vB "My Superman" Sparkling

Plus 10 BBQ Sauce Plus 10 BBQ Sauce "saucy wench" Tired

Christopher Christopher Loving

Alli Marie Alli Marie "cutie kitty XD" Courageous

Jasna Jasna "Pequeñita" Sparkling

Hypatia Hypatia "Hypatia"

Kelly Burrows Kelly Burrows "Kempo Kitty" Dancing in the Rain!

Wayne Nauss Wayne Nauss "1 Hot Ride"

Ehab Raafat Ehab Raafat "My Sunshine" Tired

Ike Ike "Count Nutter!" Cat napping :D

Carly Grrl Carly Grrl "Sexy Red" not left for good - promise!

Annie Annie "Resting" computer problems :(

Karenferndale Karenferndale "~Smexxy~" TY So much Darren xxx

Michelle P Coetzee Michelle P Coetzee Lots of Catching up to do

Patricia Patricia "Miss Tricia" Hungry

Tammy Tammy "Missed n loved" Content

JoJo Chow JoJo Chow "JoJo ~♥" ♥New Year New Resolution

Zilla Zilla "JilZilla" Calm

Marci Marci "ME MARCI" feeline fine ~^. .^~

Char Char "My Precious" ♥♥

Burcu Ural Burcu Ural "Actress" ♥•.¸♥ Like a FaiRy ♥•

Patricia Ann Brown Patricia Ann Brown "Trishie" Crazy

Avalawolfe Avalawolfe "Babydoll" Playful

Mylene Mylene "Mylene ^..^" Meowww

Carmensita Carmensita

Icey Arse Icey Arse "Icing on my cake"


Jake Blackett Jake Blackett "My heart" Loyal

Jeanine Jeanine "♥Nini♥" new tat .. woot

Mapacha Mapacha "♥SunSetAngel"

Vikkie Vikkie "vika" Serene

CK CK "♥SiowTaoQi"

Cheryl Cheryl "Our Missed Pet" Playful

Lisa Lisa "Loving Lisa" 7 sleeps

Eddie Eddie "♥ my Pet" Calm

Blair Blair "Mine!! " Tease...

BYE BYE BYE BYE "☠Sinful Vice" Frisky

Belfast Babe Belfast Babe " Naughty shop" I love my Owner

SamSam SamSam Please Do not Buy Me Y(^^,)Y

Vampyre Goddess Vampyre Goddess "Wicked" The Worse Day Ever.

JJG JJG "Mi Tesoro"
Angel R Angel R "Devilish Angel" Calm

Ish-ka Ish-ka "Baby Sis NFS" Sparkling

Patrick Patrick

Adaniina Juola Adaniina Juola "♥ Adaniina ♥" saying goodbye!!!

megan megan Content

Sherrie Bear Sherrie Bear "Busy Babe" Playful

Rachel Rachel "Crazy Cat Lady" Sparkling

Roy Roy "My Roy Toy :P" Naughty & Awesome!!!

Hugh Manpet Hugh Manpet ""My Manpet-NFS" Ecstatic

YDNAR YDNAR "Sweetest heart " Carefree

Kate Kate "עילוי" sleep deprived

Chirp Chirp "Samar Dev" Lazy

Pamela Pamela "Fieldy" happy endings don't exist

Kat Kat "Barekatღღღ" Content

Sara Lee Sara Lee "♥Sara♥ NFS" Wild

Bruce Bruce "RazamaTaz" ~?~

Ciara Downs Ciara Downs "My Ciara" soooo tired

Whisper Softly Whisper Softly "tomboy's *candy" ღfreedom

Mrs Mouse Mrs Mouse "-" L♥ves my Big M♥use

bubba bubba Loving

Regius Draconigena Regius Draconigena "My BfF SpIke" Happy Valentines Blood Blossom!

Marcie Burke Marcie Burke "Georgia Peach" lovies her hp friends

Tsvety Tsvety "tsvety" Sparkling

Simon Diamond Simon Diamond "patch" Sexy

Bountiful Bella Bountiful Bella "Boobylicious" less bi sexual more try sexual
Catherine Catherine "Dave's Beloved"

Unknown Unknown "Beautiful Soul"

-Rapunzel aiYa- -Rapunzel aiYa- "Aiya Aiya Aiyaya"

Jaycee Leigh Jaycee Leigh "My PerhapS♥" Ƀ♥Ⱦçh

M Diver M Diver "My Enigma x" Meh

Andy S Andy S "FRANK"

S J S J Sleepy

Brandi Brandi "My Amazing Lady"

Nuria Nuria "CocoNutty :) NFS" starting

Holly A Kean Holly A Kean "*Holly~Licious*" Playful
Angelly Angelly

Wild Bill Wild Bill "MY Daddy" Frisky

Moto-Moto Moto-Moto "~Yo's Arcy~" Crazy

mrnb lljj mrnb lljj "ღmisterღ" Seductive

Sambo Sambo "the workoholic" working working

Edge Edge "Kahu" Wild

Angel Kisses Angel Kisses "Beautiful " Simmer down and pucker up

Carol Carol Not Happy With Some

Jackilyn Jackilyn Tired

Patch Adams Patch Adams "My V.I.P." Tired

Greg Greg "LionHeart" Calm



Chang Lee Chang Lee "Princess Lover" Content

Amanda Amanda Tingles in all the right spots

David Black David Black Gloomy

Joana Monteiro Joana Monteiro

Sandra Cerati Sandra Cerati "San :))" ღ Sin Palabras ღ

Cindy Woest Cindy Woest Sparkling

Hanuman Gupta Hanuman Gupta "Playboy" Sparkling

Rashmin Rashmin "☆Rash☆"

had enough had enough fuk this sh't

Justin Justin "~PrincessBunny~" Loving

Rahul _ R D Rahul _ R D Loving

STORM STORM "My African Angel"

Emma Emma "aussie sweetie" ♥♥ hopelessly devoted ♥♥

sara sara ready for spring break!

Stacey Stacey "love of my life"
zzZzz zzZzz "GoNe !!!" TAKiNG A BReAK...

Wendy Wendy "'My Missing Pet'" Purring

Sophia Sophia "Ginger Kittie" Festive

UnderTheStars UnderTheStars "CatLover" Peaceful
Meeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeeeeee "Missed" Evasive

Ralphy Ralphy ♥Rachel's Forever♥

maria maria Feisty
Katy Dee Katy Dee "Refined Beauty" Sparkling

Andy Andy "Frisky Andy" Crazy
Star Star "Sparkles" Feisty
Crimson Nightmares Crimson Nightmares "Red Evil Pookie" 400K for sell on E-BAY

Puerquito Puerquito Inspired

Lori A Lori A "Wild Cat♥" MOTIVATED

Mystical Shadows Mystical Shadows "My lil cutie " Wild
Sara Byers Sara Byers

Shaun Shaun "Smiling Eyes " Away for a few days.

A d y A d y "~ Ady ~" Sparkling