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Herd leaders

Jujuu Jujuu "jumie" Tender

Plus 10 BBQ Sauce Plus 10 BBQ Sauce "saucy wench" Tired

Leelee Leelee "♥Minha♥" COLD HEARTED BITCH

Maurice H Rich Maurice H Rich "Master Mojo" Carefree

Bow BouBoe Bow BouBoe "tooth fairy"

Scarlet Sunshine Scarlet Sunshine Sparkling

Nobody Nobody "My ♥" leaving Hp

Edward Lim Edward Lim "DO NOT BUY" Naughty

Ginggarn Ginggarn "StunninG!" Sparkling

Jonesy Jonesy "JJ" Sleepy

Christopher Christopher Giving PTS away. Contact Me.

Bodil Bodil "Betty Boop" Hurt

A-U A-U "My naughty Fairy" bye for now everyone!

jonathan fang jonathan fang "BlueEyedBoy" Courageous

hd88 hd88 "^^" Sleepy

Mostafa Kassem Mostafa Kassem Loving

MANDA MANDA "Dada爱爱♥" blissful.... ..or am i not?

linda seeto linda seeto "Meow Meow Piggie" Cheeky

Landon Cullen Landon Cullen "♥ donzi" tubby

Zilla Zilla "JilZilla" Calm

Leah Leah "Myprincess peach" is madly in love

Jaczilla O4 Jaczilla O4 "SIR" *keelhaulin` *

Riyn Oh Riyn Oh "ღRiynღ" 豆腐 ♥ Bean Curd

Alan Phang Alan Phang "TT ♥" Trusting

Patricia Ann Brown Patricia Ann Brown "Trishie" Crazy

Ah Ben Ah Ben "大宝饭盒" Tired

Hiccup Hiccup "STEALTH" Cheeky

Tessa Jones Tessa Jones "African Queen" Adored

Jewels Jewels I am out

Unknown Unknown "Tsela'" Bold

Tristan M Jackson Tristan M Jackson Loves being a chat troll! o.O

Dancing Potato_Ms TT Dancing Potato_Ms TT "PiggY T.T DragoN"

Chahaha Chahaha "lonely bear :-(" Mr Lonely

Martin Crockett Martin Crockett "" chillen :)

Susan Olynick Susan Olynick "Aethelflaed" Playful

Jake Blackett Jake Blackett "My heart" Loyal

Yvonne Sagen Yvonne Sagen "~Valkyrie~"

Lauren Lauren rawr! :)

Melissa Melissa "Heart Collector"

CK CK "♥SiowTaoQi"
aSimon aSimon "♫monmon" Indescribabl e feeling

Cheryl Cheryl "Our Missed Pet" Playful

YoMero YoMero "Chunflo" Monday arrrgggh!!!!

Leah Leah "~Soul Sister~" Leaving human Pets!!

Kel'z in da houz Kel'z in da houz "Hubby♥" lOvE mY oWniE!!!!!!

Soap Soap "ni's dimple❤"

whatever whatever
____________ ____________ Visit My Shop :)

Belfast Babe Belfast Babe " Naughty shop" I love my Owner

Unknown Unknown "x Christine x" Purring

Ben Gazelka Ben Gazelka In the Dark Waiting 4 the Light

SamSam SamSam Please Do not Buy Me Y(^^,)Y

Unknown Unknown "CutiePie" Uncertain

Chris Baylis Chris Baylis "FEAAD" A Great Storker!!!

Unknown Unknown "~Nicolicious~" loving life

Carrol Carrol "Almost Perfect"

Sue Britt Sue Britt "Cleopatra" Hopeless

Adaniina Juola Adaniina Juola "♥ Adaniina ♥" saying goodbye!!!

Coffeebeans Coffeebeans "BIG Beans" Leaving HP :(

Naughty Sabrina Naughty Sabrina "Dear Dear" Naughty

Tia Tamar Tia Tamar "T T"

Unknown Unknown "FS" Tired*yawn*

Knyboi Knyboi "KaSs ♥" Smooches

Tyger Tyger "Grrrrrrrrrreattt" Uncertain

Lynette Lynette "My secret love" Cheeky

Ultimate Sasq Ultimate Sasq "Sasq" Join my HERD - Altr'd Realm

Rachel Rachel "Just me 🙃" Sparkling

Roy Roy "My Roy Toy :P" Naughty & Awesome!!!

David Gatt David Gatt "My Desire" Playful

Heartless Heartless "❄️" never say no

Daphne Daphne "°[ DAPHY ]°"

Mario Ong Mario Ong "★grandpario★" ღLovingღ

Mel Mel "~ AMAZING ~" Sparkling

R A I N S T E R R A I N S T E R "גשם" I wuv my Meanie Ownie :3

Divine Divine "Boertjie" Playful

Chris Chris "chris" Adventurous
MAX MAX "Sweetheart" ~ Broken wings ~

Rose Rose "♥TheRose♥" Annoyed

Jose aka Victory By Default Jose aka Victory By Default "Butt" Cheeky

Liesl Liesl living my dream

Tim P Tim P "Catnip"

Jeff Gidlund Jeff Gidlund "ღsexy Jღ" Cheeky

Richard Dmyterko Rick Matthews Richard Dmyterko Rick Matthews "☆Inked☆" Wild

_Syl_ _Syl_ "my sexy princess" Read Latest Tale ...

Unknown Unknown "Mi Rosita NFS" Sexy

bubba bubba Loving

Unknown Unknown "Likes Em Mashed"

Tsvety Tsvety "Pinky" Sparkling

Doo Doo ":(((((" feeling so bad :(((((((

Leona Kaess Lee Leona Kaess Lee "Leona" ☆ T.T ☆

Trevor Parham Trevor Parham "Boooooo my Ninja"

PinkPussyKat PinkPussyKat "no-escape" Playful

-Rapunzel aiYa- -Rapunzel aiYa- "Aiya Aiya Aiyaya"

Abby Abby

Ivana Zmrzlikar Ivana Zmrzlikar "Craigs Princess" Inspired

Wasabi Wasabi "Seduced "

eiki Kiki eiki Kiki "Lollipop Honey" ♥ lier pls away!! ~ ♥

Just me Just me "Shining Star ❤" shining

Just M Just M ✰✿◠‿ ◠ ✿✰

Karen A Karen A "My Soul Mate xo"

Unknown Unknown "Zorica" Carefree

Unknown Unknown Wild

Special K Special K "Hmmmmm" Cheeky.

Unknown Unknown "ms Lennon" Intrigued

Cat Samma Cat Samma "broken arrow" ~luvin my master~
J Smith J Smith "Mr. Smith" Surprised

Jo Jo woz 'ere Jo Jo woz 'ere "Invisi-Kitty" Jo Jo woz 'ere

r u u r u u "Mysterious" Ü

Grai Grai "Mz Gracie" Serene

Sara Sara Nothing Left..

Goddess Goddess "Mine" Intrigued

nAz nAz "Safe" ...

LiL sMiLeS LiL sMiLeS "Smiles NFS" Loving

Irdina Irdina "Jiang Shi" Sparkling
HoMOgIRL HoMOgIRL "Dreamgurl" Carefree

Emily Emily "♥ Emily ♥" Totally Bliss Out!

WendyWENDY -NFS WendyWENDY -NFS "♥piggyQ~ღ"
LoVabLe LoVabLe "angel's starღ" what am i to do with me?

Steve Nicholas Steve Nicholas "Blackjack" Frisky

Priscillia Priscillia "❤Priscillia❤" ~Lalala~

Stephanie Stephanie ♥Entertain me♥

keith keith "love of my life" Addicted to Anel!!

Felix Felix "Night's Son" smiled for you :)

Sasha Tabert Sasha Tabert "Kinky Hair" Wild

Nadja Nadja "Sweetness" Tender

Bree Spiese Bree Spiese "Baby Bree ;)" Come Closer . .

captain jack captain jack "Piratezu" Sexy

Richard Willson Richard Willson "Studly PrinceNFS" D I R R T Y 6 9

LEESE LEESE "missed" Sparkling

Brian Crosby aka Davy Jones Brian Crosby aka Davy Jones "My Forever Love" lovin my baby

Fredrick Alexander Fredrick Alexander Hungry

Marla Singer Marla Singer Trusting

Only Us Only Us 1st week of April - OMG YAY!!

Wei Wei Wei Wei "❥ weiwei" Loyal

Chang Lee Chang Lee "Princess Lover" Content
Gone Gone

Angie L Angie L Feelin' Kinky...

Jewels Jewels "R U Still Here?" Goodbye my real friends! xox

LJ Ziervogel LJ Ziervogel Playful
rock er rock er "sexy lady"

Hanuman Gupta Hanuman Gupta "Playboy" Sparkling

Kaylie Kaylie "The Mountie" Perplexed
Scottish Rose Scottish Rose "My lovely Rose" less crappy
zzZzz zzZzz "GoNe !!!" TAKiNG A BReAK...