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This is a herd for all of you who are sick to death of the recent terrorizing being done on HP.

Most of you know the story of one Cecil B. DeMille aka XM aka Millie. And for those of you who don't, This user has harassed and slandered more than one user over the course of a year. Using multiple fake accounts to manipulate other users. Not only has she used online tactics. This person also took it to the next level. Real Life. She has on more than one occasion threatened users with their own children. She scammed and swindled users out of millions of points. Harassing some users to the point of actually leaving our favorite hangout, HP. Recently the abuse and slander coming from her has escalated to the point of her spamming fake emails supposedly coming from Patrick regarding a moderator. She posted said spam in multiple herds, on user's pages and in express. Before she was banned she was able to (from a fake account none the less) make 2 herds dedicated to even further terrorizing.

Slander such as this should not be tolerated. Nor will it be. We are asking that everyone stand as a united front against such abuse on a site we all love so much. It is users like this that ruin it for the rest of us. Users like her that have turned a once peaceful community into turmoil. And if it's allowed to continue ... what's to say that your personal safety won't be called into question? Just stop and think about it.

Her IP address has been banned from the side, but she is still able to get in through Facebook. This herd is dedicated to doing whatever legally within our power and rights to keep this person from menacing this community again. We stand united to keep HP safe from such terror.
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