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If you are a writer/reader of erotica and a fan of passion please come, join, share and enjoy...This herd has been created to enjoy each other's erotic writing's only, it is private due to the nature of the writing...This is a tasteful writing/reading herd and we want it to remain this way! It is NOT a form for posting pornographic comments and gifts! Please abstain from this thank you. ( You will be warned only ONCE if you post pornographic picture comments/gifts and banned if you do it twice) (you can be kind and thumb those you read but understand this is not a thumbing herd!) Enjoy the Library and expand it with your own writing's !!
Herd leaders

Flora Flora "My Sweet Heaven" Why do I even bother?!!

-B- -B- "❤️B❤️" Quietly living a wild life

Flora Flora "My Sweet Heaven" Why do I even bother?!!

Ann Silva Ann Silva "🐯Amucker🐯" Adventurous