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Kiya Satu

Kiya Satu, 30/Female
Last login: over 3 weeks ago
Local time:7:28 AM
Join date:29 days ago
Location: United States

"A spinner of tales... here for the creativity. "
About me:
So long long long time ago I use to be on here and mostly I enjoyed the website for the story making aspect in the herds. I and a few randoms would essentially do a role-play story. I would write a paragraph or more (mostly more, lol) and they would respond with a paragraph or more till a story had been made. It was fun and allowed me to be creative. Well, anyway, I am back now and have a story in mind but don't want to write it alone so hoping to maybe find a few individuals who like to write more than a few sentences an
About you:
Looking for: Friendship
Orientation: Unspecified
Herds (lead): Coding Practice
Herds: Layout Codes for Dummies

Dark Kyorichi Ayume

Beautiful flower for you =) You have been given Beautiful flower for you =).
Crafted by _LaurieIOIO_
Dark Kyorichi Ayume Calm - 28 days ago

~treasure~ You have been given ~treasure~.
Crafted by A Silly Bum with Seven Stars
Bok Inator "Risqué" Discombobula ted - 28 days ago
Amusing myself on your page ツ You have been given Amusing myself on your page ツ.
Crafted by Carmensita
LadY HeatheN "⚔️⛓⚔️" Less Talk, More Rock - 29 days ago
Ja Worsley
Welcome pet, Thought I'd kick off the match and grab tou while I could.

Have an excellent day.
It is hot in there You have been given It is hot in there .
Crafted by Emilie
Ja Worsley "My Friend" Ferocious - 29 days ago

Welcome back :)

Welcome To Human Pets You have been given Welcome To Human Pets.
Crafted by Jenn
Charles "Cavalier C" Sssshhh ! wasn't here or was I ? - 29 days ago

A book of poems You have been given A book of poems.
Crafted by Monk
Pericles "My Sweetheart " Curious - 29 days ago
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