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"Hi, I'm an ant bunneh. meow meow. Don't mind me, I'm just trying to distract you."
Human Pets Terms of Service

Welcome to Human Pets, a free online dating and hangout site where you can have fun meeting people from around the world! Everyone on Human Pets is an animal. You can be fed, combed, pet, taken on trips, nicknamed, and more!

By using or accessing Human Pets, you agree that you have read, understand and are bound by these Terms of Service ("Terms"). We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change or delete portions of these Terms at any time without further notice. Your continued use of Human Pets after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms.

Human Pets was founded with the following rules:
1. Be nice.
2. Don.t release more information than you would to strangers. Check out the privacy settings to see what is made publicly visible by default. You agree that Human Pets can distribute information you post to your profile.
3. All content should be internet-safe. Think "PG-13".
4. Don't cheat. Points are worthless, make friends instead!
5. Just have some common sense. HP takes no responsibility.

As Human Pets has grown, expanded and evolved so have the Terms of Service to include the following rules. These apply throughout Human Pets; including Herds, Tales, Nicknames, Express, Topics, Forums, Profile pages, Newspaper articles, Auctions and Auction reviews.
They also apply to the custom features available to users with a Membership; Human Pets URL, Custom *pet* action and Custom habitat.

Be Nice. All users on this site are for sale. Simply buying another person.s pet(s) is not considered harassment, although we encourage you to respect a user.s request regarding who owns them. If in doubt ask before buying.

Threats, intimidation, abuse, harassment or defamation of any kind towards other users will not be tolerated. Using another user's name or image in a negative manner (without their permission) will not be tolerated.

Human Pets will not tolerate any racism, sexism or other hateful or discriminatory behaviour. Any use of derogatory language, actions, shop items, herds, auctions, images or any other statement that singles out and/or attacks a group(s) or person(s) because of their gender, sexual orientation, heritage, or ethnicity will not be tolerated.

Please keep language appropriate for all ages. Profanity and "Foul language" is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Fake or duplicate accounts will not be tolerated. Using copyrighted material, pictures or other items to misrepresent your identity will not be accepted.

Use of any robot, spider, scraper, script or other automated means to access Human Pets will not be tolerated.

Sending spam or any other unauthorized advertisements or solicitations through or using Human Pets will not be tolerated

You are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of your account. This means, for example, that you may not share your password or let anyone else access your account.

By using or accessing Human Pets, you represent, warrant and agree that you will not attempt, encourage or facilitate any of the above.

Express, Topics and Forums
In regards to Express, Topics and Forums the following will not be tolerated:

Spamming, Scripting or Flooding.

Repetitive posting of Emoticons, Shop items, Herd and Auction links, and copy/pasting of material or articles from another source.
Repetitive posting of nonsense.
Posting with unreasonable haste or speed.

Scripting: Any posts that cannot be interpreted unless by a custom translation source or engine.


post #1 This
post #2 Is
post #3 Flooding

Profanity: Any use of "Foul language" is not acceptable in General, Topics or Polls. Please keep language appropriate for all ages. Posts and topics of adult content can be posted in 18+.

Human Pets may, in its sole discretion, delete posts or mute a user restricting their ability to post in Express.

At Human Pets we embrace and love all races, cultures and languages. However, this is a social site with the most universal language being English. So please out of courtesy try and use English as much as possible in Express to not "scare off" users new and old who wish to interact with others in Express.

In regards to ALL images uploaded to Human Pets, including Shops, Newspaper articles, Auctions, Thumb icons, Animals, backgrounds, habitats, Tales, Herds, profile layouts, and anywhere else you can think of to put an image.

1.) Nudity. Full frontal or total nudity will NOT be tolerated, including but not limited to images of a penis, vagina, female nipple, or fully uncovered buttock. Limited nudity will be accepted, including partial breast and partial buttock.

No lewd images i.e. erect penises, phalluses, things in the shapes of penises, or Speedos and lycra with a penis prominently displayed within them.

No images of groping or caressing of erogenous zones or sexual organs either clothed or nude

2.) No Sex. This includes obvious sexual acts, even cartoon representations. Sex toys and other Adult material are not acceptable.

3.) Bondage. Limited images of light bondage or restraint are allowed. Images featuring BDSM, heavy or forced restraint, or bondage images featuring nudity beyond that allowed above will not be tolerated.

4.) No DRUGS of any kind in any form EVER. Images of drug use, marijuana, cocaine, pills, drug paraphernalia etc. will not be tolerated.

5.) No Middle Finger or similar offensive gestures.

6.) No use of profanity. Any use of "Foul language" is not acceptable. Please keep language appropriate for all ages.

7) NO EXTREME Violence.

8) NO Alcohol Labels are to be visible.

9.) Blood and Gore: Images of excessive or extreme blood and gore will not be tolerated.

11.) Items depicting or promoting suicide will not be tolerated.

12.) No items slandering or harassing other users will be tolerated.

13.) Oversized images will not be approved. Images must be able to resized to the required size.

Memberships are encouraged only for those aged 18 and above. With a membership a user can access a custom thumb icon, a custom habitat, a custom URL for their profile, Custom *pet* actions, "Adults only" store items and "Adults only" herds.

"Adults only" store items
Users with a Membership can create "Adults only" items for their stores.
"Adults only" items allow many of the images restricted above including nudity, sexual acts, bondage and BDSM, drugs and drug paraphernalia. Images may contain profanity, however item names must not contain profanity.
Items depicting child pornography, suicide or bestiality will not be tolerated.

Human Pets may, in its sole discretion, delete or remove any item deemed to violate the Terms or threaten the safety of the users.

In regard to Auctions, you can auction off a prize you would like to offer such as an online chat, a photo, a postcard, a question of your choice, etc.
You are not able to auction your pets or yourself as a pet.

Please keep auctions PG-13 rated.
Auction prizes must not contain Adult content, and photos uploaded and attached to an auction listing must comply with the requirements of images elsewhere within Human Pets. Inappropriate auctions will be banned without warning and auction privileges suspended for 3 days. Inappropriate auctions could also lead to the user being suspended or banned.

Please make sure the auction details are correct before you start the auction. You can't change the auction once it's started.

Caveat Emptor .Let the Buyer Beware.. Bids on auctions are at the user.s own risk. Human Pets takes no responsibility if Auction prizes are not satisfied. User.s are encouraged to check Auction Reviews before making a bid.

Auction Reviews. If you are not satisfied with delivery or determination of a prize after a successful bid on an Auction you are entitled to review the auction unfavourably. Profanity, threats, intimidation, abuse, or harassment of any kind within a review, or a response to a review, will not be tolerated.

Further information
These Terms are set in place for the protection of everyone in Human Pets/Facebook and yourself. Human Pets may at any time, in its sole discretion, delete items, posts or other user content.

We want Human Pets to be place where people of different ages, cultures, religions, and places from all over the world to come together to meet and socialise. This is the true meaning of Human Pets. Points are meaningless. Have fun!

If you find that a user's actions toward you are unwelcome or offensive Human Pets recommends that common sense is used. Block the user if you feel it necessary.
If you believe that the behaviour requires further action you can:
* report the user by using the report button on their profile
* email: humanpets at
*or bring the user to Moderator attention.
When reporting a user please be specific and detailed about your complaint.

Moderators have the ability to read reports, suspend auctions, ban/unban users, mute in Express, and are responsible to approve or deny shop items, icons, habitats etc.
Moderators volunteer their time and effort to provide users with an application safe for all users.

Moderators may request a user remove an item, image, post or other content that is deemed to violate the Terms. Moderators may also request a user stop behaviour that is deemed to violate the Terms. Ignoring a request from a Moderator or disrespecting a Moderator in any manner will not be tolerated.

Human Pets may, in its sole discretion, suspend or ban a user for violation of the Terms or threatening the safety and/or enjoyment of users.

**Disclaimer** We believe it is a parents responsibility to ensure that their minor children do not obtain access to any adult content on this site. The creator and moderators of Human Pets do not take legal responsibility for anything that happens on or off Human Pets.