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grungomaniac .
"Almost Lover "

Prak , 35/Male
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"NFS. *Livin Life*"
About me:
Megalomania. Catch your hair, pull it a lil' pull it harder. Gatecrash. Burn, Rip, Dive in Chaos. Open Wide. Wider, till there is no width left. To Madness, and its celebration. Exult.
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Kim Snugglephuker
Kim Snugglephuker
".keep falling . "
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Owners Demands.
Prak "Almost Lover " grungomaniac . - 8 years, 4 months, 23 days ago
For all the beautiful woman who've owned me.most of them are probably not even around.. but wtf anyways...:P
*Leigh Daniz -- The very first proper owner of me HP life.. *
*Elana Wu -- First owner-pet relationship I got into I think*,...:P
*DULCE -- The hottest, and the best... I wish they never banned her*
*Rita -- My HP Love...:P*
*Lisa -- The longest I've ever managed to be with one owner, among the most beautiful people Iv met here*
*Martina -- That mad,extremely sexy woman who sold me for a cropper, dont I just love her* :P
*Nazli -- Dark, beautiful, i just wsh i could have have enjoyed her as my owner for a lil while longer*
*Melissa Ann Vowel -- Mischief, If only all those closets were real*
*Vonny -- Very brief.. but awsomely fun*... :P
*Lorena -- Im never gonna tire with her love*
And GABY ........the beautiful woman... dont I just love being her pet..

*Muah and much thanks to these lovely women.. *
Prak "Almost Lover " grungomaniac . - 9 years, 9 months, 10 days ago
Tangential Cravings.

To Sweet Sweet Sadism.

Stale like a dead evening, without fresh wind, without any fresh burst of ideas or imagination.
Theres the frank admission in the buzz of some weird insect, theres the almost pungent smell of dead flowers.
And theres no light, its silent, brooding, and listlessly dark.

Thoughts are creeping by.
The television screen blares out cruel animations of Tom's and Jerry's.
Tom fucking Jerry's, Jerry fucking Tom's.
Its almost a prayer like atmosphere, stifling at times, still at others.
Its almost like a creepy form of meditation.

Sometimes associated with erotic thoughts. Almost.
Chains, shackles, bondages, cuffs. Whips, pain and blood.
Its strange how thoughts feed into the brain.
Its strange how the brain sometimes hungers for such thoughts.
The human mind is effortlessly infinite. The multitude of thoughts and emotions it suffers and enjoys is frankly immense. Immense beyond imagination, immense beyond limits.
Creep slowly into the mind of a man and you'll make out the strange shapes of his thoughts bleakly.
Like staring through a fog, or being draped in a blanket of mist.
But slowly those shapes will form clearly, senseless as they might be.
There are dreams there that he would be ashamed to admit too. Thoughts and ideas that could shake the listening world if they were said aloud.
But the surprising thing would be that most men would have thought them, most would have dreamt them.

So, you cuff her with steel binds to the wall. Strip her naked with a knife.
Carve out each part of her body with your fingers.
Give her pain, or take it from her.
Master her or become her slave.
You smell her like a wolf would scent his mate.
You love her, like you own her.
You hate her, like she owns you.

Its all a big joke somewhere down the line.
Its strange, mostly true. But there's always the fine line of balance we all walk on
We step across those lines, and slowly you enter through the gates of madness.
Walk a few more steps across, and you enter the uncontrolled realms of delirium.
Of Chaos. Of existence without sense, of existence beyond understanding.
Of existence without meaning.
Walk within those lines and not beyond them, and you might just come out of it all with a bit more understanding of the creature thus entraped within you, within those strange thoughts. A wolf in sheep's clothing indeed.

Nature has some bizarre rules, just and unjust.
Man is a physical embodiment of nature, in some ways blessed more than the creatures around him.
In other ways, more entrapped and helpless than these creature ever will be.
The problem is, he understands.
And it isnt the best thing on earth to be capable of.

Unstable frequencies.
Exploration is every mans right.
But understanding whats my territory and whats yours is a fundamental rule to understanding the constitution of nature.
Sometimes, some people step beyond those territories.
Beyond those limits.
Beyond those definations.
And sometimes, it isnt for the best.

Madness is a celebration of freedom.
No rules, no realms, no limits.
Its like flight, like growing wings and soaring above the world that goes by.
But even eagles know they cant fly beyond a certain height.
Thats when the air becomes stifling, you cant breathe anymore.

Sometimes, in the quest for freedom, we entrap ourselves within a mission.
Sometimes we need to just remember its not important proving freedom.
Sometimes, its just important to remember that freedom is only in a sense.
A feeling.

And its good to extend your senses beyond from time to time.
Just as its important to get back your sense of where you actually are in a moment.
Of getting back to your territory, metamorphically putting it.

Walk the fine line.
Fly when you have to, but dont fall like Icarus.

To Madness and Insanity.
And its celebration.

Prak "Almost Lover " grungomaniac . - 10 years, 4 months, 12 days ago

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Gab "Fapulous" Hope is a bitch. - 2 years, 8 months, 11 days ago
Prak<3.hope you are having a great time with your beloved...
Ritzzzz "smiling eyes" 🖤pure psycho🖤 - 2 years, 11 months, 9 days ago
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