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**IMPORTANT** WHEN YOU JOIN OR RETURN FROM A BREAK YOU MUST THUMB AS MUCH PAGES BACK AS POSSIBLE!!!! (ATLEAST 50) This is a private group designed to help you make the most of your human pets experience by accruing vital points and exchanging ideas and love within our small but growing network. Long lasting friendships will be formed and we will thumb and help each other keep our pets and afford treats for them. For everyone: THE SPAM LIMIT IS 4 (FOUR) CONSECUTIVE COMMENTS, thumb everyone below you and BACK TO YOUR LAST MARK! PLEASE DO NOT MAKE NUMBER POSTS (1,2,3,4) AND DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN ONE PAGE OF CONVERSATION, AT LEAST 10 PAGES SHOULD PASS BEFORE THE PEOPLE INVOLVED CAN MAKE ANOTHER PAGE OF CONVERSATION! ONCE AGAIN, WHEN YOU JOIN OR TAKE A BREAK TRY TO THUMB AS MUCH PAGES BACK AS POSSIBLE!!!! (ATLEAST 50- thats the minimum) IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES THOROUGHLY BEFORE POSTING BECAUSE THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR RULE-BREAKERS ***** WHEN EVERYONE THUMB, EVERYONE WINS***** ♥ SPREAD LOVE THE CTS WAY ♥
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