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Since I was born with book in my hand (really, its in my ultrasound baby's pictures) and the Idea of sharing my knowledge can inspire someone ,even a little, means a lot to me, couse I was born with/around/surrounded by/with books, and as a book store / library worker, or should I write, book anaconda, I always get new books to review + Im also a collector of old and rare books, my house is build like a fortress of solitude, got my books, and ofcours, no books worth having without some cats sniffin around, so I got a bundle of that going on for me too, and also coffee. loads of coffee. If you read intresting books , I would love to hear about them, all of the readers have one thing in common, you should pay it forward, like the movie, couse its a good deed, and you should share it with the world , couse it will help or inspire and give power to thos who need it or even need it and didnt know, so the book will give them/us a spark, and its so nice to have this amazing world that you can travle, when your sitting down. “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges
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