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Herd leaders
Silas Silas "Wolverine" Cheeky

Alchera Alchera "NFS" No comment

Dave Purcell Dave Purcell "ღResting" Cancer slows me down on HP

Porter Porter "My Porter" Playful

Rachel M Rachel M "Little Sunshine" ✼ Sick of snow ✼

--666-- --666-- "My Goddess"
Carol Carol Unwell
misses Doyle misses Doyle "Boss" Playful

wildfire wildfire "WILDFIRE" Loyal

Teela Blue Teela Blue "Me's Sexy Geek"

Itchy Feet Itchy Feet "MissingKisses" Inspired

Andy S Andy S "Andy" Sexy

Trina Trina "❤️" 💕