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Come meet fellow fans of shows you love to watch! A place to talk about current shows or movies and debate any theories, ask questions about anything you didn't understand or would like explained, or even express your feelings about any scene or OMG moments that you didn't see coming!! Feel free to even ask about the songs playing in the background during a certain scene if you can't seem to identify it.

***NOTE This herd MAY contain spoilers so please be aware you should probably be up to date with the current episodes before looking at the corresponding TV Show or Movie Topic under the herd discussion you wish to discuss. PLEASE keep the rest of the HERD TALK area below SPOILER FREE!!! Thank you!***

If you have a show or movie you would like to discuss simply create a new topic with the Show/Movie Name and network as the title if you do not already see one for it.

Have fun and enjoy!

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