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Need to find a little peace? Seek a little support? Need another who understands what ye art going through? No judgements are made. Here be open hearts and minds... May ye find some comfort here....
Share a little kindness with those in thine life because ye ne'er know what they may be going through...
(Under construction still but, ye art more than welcome to join in.) Please, this be a safe haven, a place of peaceful, positive repose for those who hath weathered life's storms. A place of gathering to impart with each other such and, support one another. We hath all dealt with bully's, mental illness, depression, physical ailments/illness, abuse... here is a place of comfort and security; a support network. ALL ages are welcome. Just inbox me for request of joining herd. As you can appreciate, due to this herds sensitivity of matter, respect and open-mindedness of/from other participator's experiences and their privacy, are of paramount importance.
Nought make enter to make mockery. Leave ANY and ALL of thine differences/indifferences with/for another at the door before entering. Intolerance etc toward/for another within this fold will NOUGHT be tolerated, and shall incur immediate dismissal of herd participation. Respect another's privacy. Welcome and, Vampish blessings.....
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