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It has recently come to my attention that there is literally NO active herd for Wicca, so I have created one that I hope will be. I will require you request to join because I do not wish for any holier-than-thou, if you don't believe in god you're going to hell, christians coming in here and starting shit. If you do, I will promptly kick and ban you from the herd. Now, onto what this herd will be about. It is for those who wish to learn and wish to teach, those who wish to share their experience and those who wish to grow. I have a few rules. 1. No one under 18. 2. No bad-mouthing 3. Do no harass 4. I don't care if you're christian and wish to join this group, if you swear upon your god you won't stir trouble or try to convert anyone to your religion, you are welcome. 5. I'm not going to ban the use of profanity, that's just pure idiocy, but please be respectful of others. That's basically it. So, yeah have fun! Posts pictures, do whatever :)
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