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It would be truly excellent if we were given a new option here. Patrick is great at introducing new features and wouldn't it be great if one of those were to be known as an owner, a guardian, a trainer or host? Likely a relatively easy thing to program in for a pro. How tough can it be?? We'd choose how to be known here made clear by pets' tags up top on the pages where it'd be clear how we'd like to be recognized as. : ) It'd be a fun change, cosmetic in some ways but also meaningfully sweet. If you'd like that, then join me over at the new herd to sign. We'll pass it to Patrick soon. Here would be our options by simply choosing from a drop down box in about me or, some other way that Patrick might see to make it so. He's the expert, after all. He just may like the idea too. It will makes his game just that much more awesome. So That's all, see you in the herd Thanks very much for all of your help! 99th Psyche owns this human at 3339333 points or: 99th Psyche hosts this human at 3339333 or: 99th Psyche keeps this human at 3339333 or: 99th Psyche guards this human at 3339333 points So what are you? You might as well add that to your signature, right? :D If only we could make it specific to different pets. I'd be a keeper to my inactive pets, or a guardian… Hmm… trainer to the brats, and of course always an owner to myself in contemplative phases...
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