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This herd is a briefing/debriefing room I need partners in crime, secret agents and the like to inject some life in HP. Behaving outrageously, provoking debate and where needs be taking over the asylum. There are rules to injecting life, dont be nasty to anyone is the big rule. No stealing of pets and no personal grudge games. If anyone is to look like an idiot, make sure it is only you. Humiliating people is not on. you can chat as well as thumb and feel free to discuss your most recent missions etc. There may be occasion to show photos of your briefs but remember this is not an adult herd! Its not a thumbing herd but if you want to thumb I'll create a special topic discussion for that. Each day is a new dawn, so feel free to inject new life into HP EDIT 21/07/2013 : You may find it helpful to go to google and search for "humanpets toolbar" and download the autothumbing software. I'd encourage you to give points away anyway you like. Make HP a funner freer place
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