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Led by Theresa | 4 members

Hey Everybody! Welcome to MY rotation herd! It's a 30/5 rotation herd! Most of you know how to do this, but for the ones that don't know how to do this let me explain: ~Come in and post your 30 comments ~Thumb all of the posts to the very back ~ Delete the person that you turn to 5 ~Post it in the Cleared and Notified section of the topics I just want to say that I know I've been known to not keep rotation herds going very well due to leaving hp, or whatever the reason was. BUT I'm not leaving. I wouldn't have made this herd if I were leaving. So I'm here to stay and so is this herd! So come on in and make some points! :D PLEASE be respectful of each other!
Herd leaders

Theresa Theresa Annoyed

Ayla Tatsu Ayla Tatsu "♥ My Lady ♥" ღ Wishing for you ღ

Fawzy Fawzy "FawzyBear" back in 24 hours or so

Brandon Brandon "💔 My Boy" ® Ŧ ῌ € ≈ Ƶ ʘ ʘ ™

Psych Psych "Slave #2" Abused

Dina Nader Dina Nader Playful