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in the months of August 2001 God above bless me with a dog named Candy the father and the son and the Holy Spirit made it possible to bring Candy into my life into my world into my heart and into my house candy was and is a wonderful excellent fantastic dog I believe with all my heart that he brought candy into my life to help watch over me and protect me this is what I believe I do not believe that Candy was a typical dog she was an angel and guardian angel sent from above now I know that most of you people if not all of you people out there who will disagree with me and probably write me off as a lunatic or you might think that I went off the reservation or just a crackpot in general but I do believe that Candy was sent from God above to help watch over me and protect me and guide me I do believe that she was an angel an angel an guardian angel sent from above if you believe like I do that God made this world this universe in six days why would it be so hard to believe that it will be possible for God to send guardian angels down to earth in any shape or size and color that he desires I don't believe that it's the heart to believe why is it so hard for people to take a leap of faith it's really not that hard I don't think so all you have to do is believe with your heart that's what I think anyway and I could just tell by the way candy and I looked at each other when we heard a noise and the things that she did and the looks that she gave me candy is now back home with her heavenly father but I do believe and feel that she's still looking out for me and watching over me candy made her trip to heaven two weeks before August of this year and believe you me I still think about her all the time but I do know that she's in heaven with God watching over and protecting me when I joined this website I created myself a store and in that store is the picture of a dog in the back seat of a car and I named it back seat driver that is actually a picture of my dog candy I think that she will be honored that I'm still using her picture and she will be tickled pink to know that people are actually using her picture and bought her picture candy was an Australian sheepdog she was part bingo and part red healer to
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