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I am The Wolf
I enjoy laying in the sun with the birds singing.
The river is a couple miles off where I can be in no time at all.
Man comes around once in a while and takes our food.
When I see them I show my teeth and growl.
Man are our only natural predators, what did we ever do to them? My young are hidden in a cave waiting for me to bring them dinner.
I have a pack I run with for our own protection.
We live free and watch out for each other.

The Wolf

Mystifying, haunting green eyes.
Roaming through the deep dark forest.
Fog surrounding for miles.
The breath you hear getting closer.

Rattling through the tress.
Shinny pearls with dripping sweat.
Your heart pounds, knees go weak.
Your frozen with fear, and dread defeat.

Looking into those eyes,
through the tears on your face.
The wolf bows his head.
and continues his fate.

© Tina Armstrong
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