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1, Start by leaving a marker in main comment area that you are about to thumb the topic's
2, Leave a marker in each topic saying what number you got her or him to
3, Also leave a marker on main comment area to who you have thumbed and to what number
4, Once you have thumbed all topic's up to date you are then free to start your own topic, posting 150 replies, of which can be anything you wish
5, Leave a comment in main comment area saying you have a new set up
6, Yes, you can keep up to date in here and everyone does it as it is a lot to do otherwise in one shot if you haven't got time
7, A lot of people, or should I say, all in here thumb past 5 if the option is there
8, Join in the chat and have a laugh with all members
9, If you have a problem with not unstanding rules, please ask me
10, This is a drama free herd and if you cause any you will have a warning and possibly kicked from herd.

Thank you and enjoy
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Wendy Wendy "'My Missing Pet'" Purring

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Anna Anna "Sunshine " Αντιο!! !

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carly carly "cinnamon" goodbye zeus. i love you.

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Taz Taz "GayChick" :(