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Herd Profile: Crib of Brazilians 50/5
Led by Rodolpho Kairala | 3 members

This is the New Crib of Brazilians 50/5 herd. Rules are simple!
1) Come in and post your 50
2) Thumb all the way back until you thumb someone to 5
3) Notify the person you thumbed to 5 by private message and clear their posts
4) Please remember to put in the topic C/N who you cleared and who was on 4 before you leave the herd
5) Please leave maxed users in the herd, we'll get them to 5 the next day!!
6) Last but NOT least, have fun and enjoy yourself making points

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Rodolpho Kairala Rodolpho Kairala

Lindsay Lindsay "Linds NFS" Frisky

Just me Just me "Shining Star ❤" shining

Roberta Sweet Roberta Sweet