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Immerse yourself in a world, where man and dragon are the same, wars are never won or lost, balances are equal, and death is far from inevitable... Or is it?

THE FROZEN NORTH..THE CONTINENT OF ICE ...A giant glacier acts as a landmass, never thawing, staying constantly cold. Only the bravest of dragons live here as it is extremely harsh during winter months. The villagers are most adapted to the climate, although growing of crops is most difficult they suffice most from carcass and fish staples.

THE WESTERSANDS..THE DESERT CONTINENT ...The lands of sand and desert oasis. Where Blue dragons come from, as well as mages. Near the waterholes of the continent are various forests with small villages adorning them. Near the great mountains is the castle of King Ashton. However, Ashton has since passed away and there hasn't been a king for a sometime. The continent's inhabitants continue to live peacefully without one and patiently wait for the son of Ashton to ascend the throne.

THE EASTERLANDS..THE FOREST CONTINENT ...A continent of nothing but dense overgrowth and few remote villages. One can hide easily in this continent, as there are many hideouts scattered through it. Much precipitation befalls this area keeping it humidly damp like a rainforest...

THE SOUTHPLAINS..THE CONTINENT OF GRASSLANDS ...A continent that closely resembles a giant field with mountains hugged by thick forests along the coasts. Scattered villages filled with many markets grace the open fields which are constantly busy, keeping up with the local hunts, as all seasons hit here.

THE WASTELANDS.. THE CONTINENT OF CANYONS ...Rugged rock terrain surrounded by towering canyons masking hidden caverns and steep ravines. Little to nothing grows amongst these jagged wastelands that are home to warlord King Daknar. Disappearing mysteriously, he leaves his evil armies in limbo awaiting his return to conquer and overthrow the kingdoms of outer earth, achieving ultimate reign.

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