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Led by A Bloke | 15 members

Created (my first herd....aren't you privileged) in the current fashionable trend of 15/5. *** HERD RULES *** Please create a line of 15 as soon as you enter. Leave at least two fellow herdies between your last and next rows of lines. Thumb back to the start of the pages. Delete any posts that are at 5 or more thumbs - all are granted admin....let me know if you haven't. Feel free to chat or leave messages in the herd. Have. Fun. :)
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Herd leaders

A Bloke A Bloke "Sir-Licious 💙"


Kelley Anne Kelley Anne "Kelley"

Claudia Claudia "my chef" Dreamer

Lesley Lesley "Cuddles II" Feisty

Linda V Linda V "SeXy ReD" ♥ SULTRY ♥
Little Lotta Little Lotta "old me 7yrs ago" xox

Sharon Sharon "Groovy chick" Here there and everywhere

SamanthaRegina SamanthaRegina "PrncessButtercup" Painting my spirit gold

KrAzzie KrAzzie "Old profile "

hev hev "Beautiful Friend" Purring

Jaycee Leigh Jaycee Leigh "My PerhapS♥" Ƀ♥Ⱦçh
minxy minxy "my twin lol" Sparkling

Cricky Cricky "My puppies "

Victoria Victoria Sassified

Cheyenne Cheyenne "♥Chy♥" ♡ Unsupervised ღ

Eddie B Eddie B "Eddie" Daring

Princess Nona Princess Nona "Onyx" Cheeky

Nepenthe Nepenthe "Odin <3" ~You are the love of my lives~

Katerina Petrova Katerina Petrova "Venomous Vamp" Reflecting Pool

Little Mrs MuffinTop Little Mrs MuffinTop "Old ME 4yrs ago"