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World Cup BETTING!!!! ^_^

1. Minimum bet is 1k pts, Max is 50k (per day)
2. One bet per match per person, NO FAKES
3. Place bets in the 'herd discussion' threads - say the result you want with tokens bought from my shop
4. Once you place a bet, that bet is BINDING and can not be changed
5. Betting closes 1 HOUR before match starts
6. If you do not pay what you owe, you will be blacklisted
7. Payments(Winnings) will be made via auction items. Please buy the combination of points that you require from
8. Winnings will be sent via auction by herd leaders (you will be instructed) and will be made at the soonest opportunity (please be patient as we may have many people to give to)
9. Happy Betting ^^
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