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Herd Profile: Recycle Bin
Led by Book Babe | 16 members

Don't DISCARD anymore unwanted items! RECYCLE them here!
Recycle old or irrelevant items AND Earn Points in this swarm.

Post 10 gift items you no longer need.
Thumb the line.
Wait for two people to post...then you're free to post again.

Join the herd and join in the fun!
Stay active, earn points!

Please note: Everyone will be given Admin so they have the ability to delete. Delete posts when they reach 10.
Herd leaders

Book Babe Book Babe "BookBabe" Playful

Tevye Tevye "Rarely Here" Purring

R-J R-J "NY best Apple" Evasive

_Naomi_ _Naomi_ "Bambi" Content

Lauren Lauren rawr! :)

Tegwych Eilonwy Taran Tegwych Eilonwy Taran "Teggy" Trusting

Yvi Yvi "Blues" ♥ Snow ♥

Tia Tamar Tia Tamar "T T"

Dame Alicat Dame Alicat "Dame" Dazed

Jon Jon "Adventurer" Curious

misbehavin misbehavin "Princess Ruth" ღ☼hmmm percolating
Mr Oxy if ur Nasty Mr Oxy if ur Nasty Not in the Mood for a Mood

swift swift "LickyLicky" Naughty

Emilia Emilia "StarDust"

XXX XXX "אוגר" *Silly*