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Herd Profile: HP's most popular smile contest
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web counter Do you have a lovely smile?

HP's most popular SMILe contest for you! Prize pool system
  • All the points from the sale of the votes will constitute the prize pool
  • 20,000 points will be given to EACH contestant regardless of the amount of votes they get!
  • Prizes are as follows:
    • Winner gets 40% of total votes cast
    • First Runner-up gets 25% of total votes cast
    • Second Runner-up gets 15% of total votes cast
Brief Explanation of the prize pool system:

For example, if the prize pool was 3 million and 15 total contestants entered.
- 1st Position would get 1.2 Million ( 0.4 * 3 mil = 1.2 mil)
- 2nd position would get 750,000 (0.25 *3 mil = 0.75mil which is 750,000)
- 3rd position would get 450,000 (0.15 * 3 mil = 0.45 mil which is 450,000)

All other 12 contestants would get 20,000 points each.
How to enter

To enter the contest, just upload a picture of you smiling:) You can upload up to a maximum of 4 pictures

Herd rules

1) No drama allowed.

2) Decisions by the herd leaders will be final.

3) No one can vote for themselves.

4) You can vote for any contestant apart from yourself and as many times as you want and for as many contestants as you want.

5) Herd leaders cannot vote or enter as a contestant.

6) You can go get votes for yourself or any other contestant in any way you please.

7) All prizes will be given right after the contest has ended.

8) Post the votes in the topics for each contestant..
Herd leaders

Just Mak Just Mak "My Mak Attack" hmm...