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Thumbs Galore <3 ! [15/10] | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: Thumbs Galore <3 ! [15/10]
Led by Jess | 17 members

Hey guys! :) So basically, the idea behind this herd is a pretty simple concept.. Kinda like you would in any other thumbing herd, post 15 comments, saying anything your little heart desires. Thumb everyone else who has posted before you, and when someone reaches 10 thumbs, simply delete all of their posts and send them a quick message, letting them know it's their turn to post. If you wanna be extra helpful, post a comment in the topic titled, "Cleared/Notified." Last but not least, feel free to post whatever you want in the topics! I really don't want this herd to revolve completely around thumbing. I want everyone to have fun! <3
Herd leaders

Jess Jess <3!

Somewhere in between Somewhere in between "Indian Magicman"

James James "Silly Boy Pet!" Naughty

Luna Luna "radiance" looking for paradise o_O

Micheal W Micheal W "♥Cherished♪" Playful

cheeky cheechako cheeky cheechako "かつみ" Loyal

Dawn M Dawn M " PORNST★R" Loving my Pets & HP Friends

Mistress Mistress "MIAMistress Mya "
hhh hhh I didn't fall!!!! I was pushed

Joel Joel Carefree

Jigsaw Jimmy Jigsaw Jimmy "Puzzle" Ferocious

jief jief "Wolf" Kinky roaming....

Mystical Shadows Mystical Shadows "My lil cutie " Wild

Queen Queen "Sexy Queen" Cheeky