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Herd Profile: Guys and Dolls 10/5
Led by Unknown | 10 members

Greetings to all members!! 1) Please leave 10 posts
2) Please Thumb everyone before you
3) Clear the posts that have reached 5 thumbs and notify that person
Please c/n in box and please notify next person. Lets keep the herd moving!!! THANKS FOR JOINING!!! SUCH GREAT HERDIES!!!!
Herd leaders
Unknown Unknown "Keepin safe" gone

Alli Marie Alli Marie "cutie kitty XD" Courageous

Wayne Nauss Wayne Nauss "1 Hot Ride"

Barb Barb "Mine" askew without you

Bill vB Bill vB "My Superman" Sparkling

Wendy G Wendy G "The One And Only" Meow !!
Mystery Mystery "Number 1" Loving

Serena Lee Serena Lee "Sweet Serena" Calm

Bruce Bruce "RazamaTaz" ~?~

John T John T "A True Gentleman" Calm
M Jankovsky M Jankovsky "My Sweet Sexy M"

Sara Sara Nothing Left..

Jess Jess <3!
Katy Dee Katy Dee "Refined Beauty" Sparkling

Andy Andy "Frisky Andy" Crazy

veronica veronica Thirsty

Puerquito Puerquito Inspired

Powergirl Powergirl "Spideys lostgirl" Intrigued

Chris  Chris "D'Artagnan" Thumb my Herd-rtf

Gone thanks to Faye Gone thanks to Faye "My Pet.. " Content

jack sawyer jack sawyer "FOR SALE" Tired

Travis Claeys Travis Claeys "Mr. Travis"

G I Julie G I Julie "Goth mess." Uncertain