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My simple herd 30/4 | - Free online hangout and friends
Herd Profile: My simple herd 30/4
Led by MIDO | 11 members

it's just a simple herd where u can get more points and make a new friends :) it's a 30/4 herd the rules 1) thumb all the posts 2) notify and delete who reach to 30 3) post ur comments. it's my first herd and hope u like it :) PEOPLE SHOULD CLEAR at 4 and notify and write T/P when u come to the herd to start thumb.
Herd leaders

Dannica Dannica incredulous as pancakes

WonderfulAliceSaysBye WonderfulAliceSaysBye "Alice died" bye

Marnie Husband Marnie Husband Don't buy me...leaving HP

Serena Lee Serena Lee "Sweet Serena" Calm

Mistress Mistress "MIAMistress Mya " Primal

val val "old me" loved

lilo lilo "~lovely lilo~" Playful

Teela Blue Teela Blue joyful

QuicKSiLVeR QuicKSiLVeR "Gone " Tender

Harold Harold "Halo" Ferocious

Ada Ada "frosti's friend"