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The HP's most beautiful page contest

This is the contest which will help us to find the most beautiful profile page on HP. Of course that here will be a lot of beautiful pages and that will be very hard to find 3 most beautiful but that depends of you. Please visit all nominated pages and vote. This will be a good opportunity for contestants to promote their shops,too. Tokens won't be expensive and you can buy them in my shop. If you want to nominate someone please msg me your nomination and of course the nominated person has to confirm that he/she agrees to participate in this contest.


1.You can nominate your page or any page from HP that you like.
2.The number of votes or contestants is unlimited
3.The number of tokens is unlimited,too.
4. The nominations will be posted in Topics so you have to vote there.You can't vote for your page (yourself)!!!!!!!!!!!!Please don't vote in section for Comments(Herd talk).There you will chat with other people.Any comment which is posted in place for voting if it is not TOKEN will be deleted and won't be counted as a vote!
5.1. prize will be 1000000pts
2. prize will be 700000pts
3. prize will be 500000pts
I will raise prizes from time to time :)
6.We will have 3 winners.
7.Voting will run 3 weeks and it will start as soon as we have 10 contestants. The members will be notified about beginning of voting.
8.Everyone who make drama or any problems will be banned from here,without any exceptions. For any problem please contact herd leader.

Welcome!!! Have a great fun here and good luck to all of you!
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