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Herd Profile: The Elite VIP Group
Led by White Rabbit | 12 members

We all need points, so I've decided to start a herd made up of a very select group of Human Pets. The only rules are that you must stop by at least once a week to thumb and you can only post a total of 15 post at a time. And be generous, the more you thumb the more you'll be thumbed. If you think you know of someone who would be good for this group, please refer them to us. Huggz and Love to All~
Herd leaders

White Rabbit White Rabbit "Silly Wabbit" Crazy

Laura Christl Laura Christl "pikachu" Sparkling

Sarasaurusrex Sarasaurusrex "Sarasaurusrex"

Cari Cari "Loved"

Gisse Gisse "mi amorcita"

Mrs Grimes Mrs Grimes "Golden Gloves" That's a nice Tnetennba!!

Amberry Amberry Till death do us part.

Johnny Cashless Johnny Cashless "John John"

Ellie Foster Ellie Foster "SuperEl" Playful

SXeChIC SXeChIC "baby girl " Purring