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Herd Profile: The Herd of Fabulous Shops
Led by NelliePea Teatime | 114 members

Shopping can be such a drag these days, what we need on HP is a super-hyper markety thing of the best so we can just come here to find the perfect item. If you are invited to join, you have a fabulous shop, or you appreciate good taste. This is not a herd for thumbing but a herd for boasting how wonderful you are and advertising your wares, any thumbs recieved will be incidental and count your lcky stars for them! So go on be attention whores and fill my lovely herd with the best of the best, and I will be round to do my shopping later xxx
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NelliePea Teatime NelliePea Teatime "Nellie Temptress" Carefree

Curvy Confection Curvy Confection "♥perfection" Languid

pantygollumpussytroll pantygollumpussytroll "My B B XxX" Passionate

One Odd Cocktail Waitress One Odd Cocktail Waitress "TripleC" Champagne?