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Led by Mr Cookie | 37 members

This herd is for us Aussies who live and breath HP. There have been many Aussie herds but most of them have died out and their owners have now perished into the UNKNOWN.... Stand Loud and Proud. Show your true colours and lets come together to show the HP world that us Aussies don't die, we multiply. Lets teach them how to spell words like MUM and COLOUR and let them know that we call the Shrimp a PRAWN. We can show them how to join words to make them one like HOWZIT GOIN' and Whatcha doin'.... Lets show the world that Australia isn't just an Outback and that most of us haven't even seen the Outback. We are about Cities and Beaches and beautiful land marks. Invite your Aussie mates to join so we can get our community back on track.
Herd leaders

Mr Cookie Mr Cookie "Om to da Nom" Inspired

Christopher Johnson Christopher Johnson "Evil 4" Dangerous

Naz Naz "My HP Hubby NFS" Cheeky