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Herd Profile: Thumb Maniacs!
Led by Mrs Edward Cullen | 10 members

1. Thumb the herd upon entering, then you may post your 15 posts. You may post another set of 15 if there's 2 other people who have posted after your previous set. 2. Only 4 sets are allowed unless one of your sets reaches 7 thumbs, then you may post another set. (no comments stating "thumbing then posting" or "cleared and notified" necessary) 3. Please be sure no one is posting before you start posting yours to avoid all collisions. Lets make this place an easy access and for all to enjoy, you never know you could make new friends in here as well! Happy posting and thumbing to all :) please pass the word around to all your friends would much appreciate it !!!!! **Courtesy Clause** If several people are in the herd at the same time, please be sure that everyone takes it in turn i.e. if 7 people are in the herd, you only post every 7th person. If nobody has posted after 2 mins then just go ahead with posting. The time of courtesy has lapsed after 2 mins. If someone stops posting in the middle of their set, please send them a message to come back and finish posting. Again here, please wait. Maybe their computer has crashed and they need a while to re-boot. We all want points but I don't think anyone is so desperate for points that we can't wait a few mins. We usually wait for 8 mins but if the herd is full and there is a queue then as long as 2 mins have lapsed since sending out a message, please carry on.
Herd leaders
Mrs Edward Cullen Mrs Edward Cullen "Cullen lover" Peppy

Angie Angie "Sweet Voice " I love my baby ♥

Patricia Ann Brown Patricia Ann Brown Crazy

Karen King Karen King "Jeffs" Sparkling

Marty Marty "Cutie Petutie" Playful

jen jen "Warmhearted" Unwell

El Amira Stacey El Amira Stacey "Princess" Content

Silky Silky "My cute cat :P"

HectoR HectoR "HectoR" Sparkling

Aaron James Marinier Aaron James Marinier "cuddler" Content

captain jack captain jack "Piratezu" Sexy

agnes agnes "Cutie NFS" Crazy